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A 100% JEWELERY ADVENT CALENDAR! Discover our Advent calendars, each filled with 24 jewels set with high quality crystals: success guaranteed! While waiting for Christmas, let yourself be overwhelmed by the joy of discovering a new surprise gem every day! As precious as it is beautiful, the...
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For each wedding anniversary, there is a very specific and symbolic name. Everyone knows the famous "cotton wedding", symbols of the first year of marriage. But do you know the others ?
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Choosing the right ring is not easy. Between the different colors of metal, the different shapes of the ring and the gem, the color of the gem, etc... Too many criteria vary from one ring to another.
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The precious and fine stones come in many pretty colors, here are some of them.
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The stones that are encrusted on our jewelry can have different shapes. That is why, today we are going to tell you about these.