How to choose your ring ?

How to choose your ring ?

Choosing the right ring is not easy. Between the different colors of metal, the different shapes of the ring and the gem, the color of the gem, etc... Too many criteria vary from one ring to another.

That's why today we are going to present you our selection of rings according to the look that suits you or that you are looking for.

Of course you can find the ring models, cited below, on our online site.


For a classic look, we recommend our essential ring: the JENNY ring. She has everything to herself: simple, elegant, beautiful, .... It suits everyone, and despite being classic, it remains unbeatable. We can assure you that even if it is a classic model, it will not go unnoticed and you will receive nice compliments. It comes in two colors.

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For an elegant look, we offer our SIMPLICITY model. It is the ideal ring to perfect your elegant look. His pretty crystal, inlaid in the middle of the ring in an aerial way, would make many jealous. This pretty ring comes in 2 colors.

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For an original look, two rings open to you. The beautiful FASSILA, with its original hexagonal shape and its Austrian crystal inlaid inside... or the pretty IVAN with, always as a reminder, hexagonal shapes throughout the ring and crystals inlaid on it. These two models are also available in 2 colors on our online store.

If you want a more daring look, this part is for you! We disgusted you our 3 most beautiful rings so that you do not go unnoticed.


First of all our elegant FRAYEL model, filled with pretty crystals. This pretty ring will dress your finger and lengthen it with its magnificent shape all in length.

Then, in a more "royal" look, we suggest our ROYALTY model. With this ring on your finger, you will feel like a princess... or rather as a queen! In addition, it exists in 2 colors, something to enjoy.

Finally, in a more marine world, here is our OCEAN model. With its huge diameter, filled with blue zircons, it will capsize your heart

If you prefer a discreet look, our TIRYNS model will suit you perfectly! Simple, and elegant, it will sublimate your finger, while remaining thin and discreet. Its pretty shape, will still distinguish you from other simple and lambda rings: you will remain discreet while being primed by this pretty ring. It exists in 2 colors.

If you're looking for a trendy look this summer, our LUNA ring is for you! Its 18k Gold tackle, gives it a magnificent golden hue. In addition, its shape reminds us of the sun. This ring, whether by its shape or its color, has everything solar! This is the ideal ring for this summer!

We hope that you liked this article and that it guided you in your choice of ring :).

♡ Team MYC

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