Wedding and Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding and Wedding Anniversaries

For each wedding anniversary, there is a very specific and symbolic name. Everyone knows the famous "cotton wedding", symbols of the first year of marriage. But do you know the others ?

In this article, we are not going to present them all to you, only the ones that you can celebrate with our jewelry ?.


15 years of marriage : the crystal wedding

At 15 years of marriages, to celebrate this great milestone in the union of two lovers, we celebrate the crystal wedding. This noble material that is the crystal, symbolizes the purity of the feelings, always present after 15 years. The crystal also plays a very important and symbolic role in Jewish and Italian marriages.

Here is our selection of austrian crystal jewelry of very good quality for your partner :

Our pretty adornment Kristine :

Our elegant Venus bracelet :

16 years : the sapphire wedding

At 16 years of marriage, it is the sapphire wedding anniversary that we celebrate! This pretty gem is the symbol of loyalty and sincerity that unites your couple. This magnificent gemstone can only delight your partner !

Here is what we offer : the magnificent Rhiana ring :


25 years : the silver wedding

On 25 years of marriage, the silver wedding anniversary is celebrated. 25 years of marriage is no small feat, and it should be celebrated in a big way! What better way to symbolize them than money. Silver, an eternal and timeless metal, signifying your eternal commitment to your other half.

Here is our selection : Our Danyella ring in 925 Sterling Silver :

26 years old : the jade wedding

At 26 years of marriage, the time has come to celebrate the jade wedding anniversary. It is the most beautiful gemstone that we have chosen for this great cape ! This gem symbolizes those long and beautiful years alongside your other half, because it is an extremely solid gem. In addition, this stone helps to make the union of the two beings last, promoting honesty and balance within the couple.

Here is what you can offer on this occasion : Our Tikal and Sara bracelets, one for you and one for your partner.

30 years : the pearl wedding

After 30 alongside your other half, it's time to celebrate the pearl wedding anniversary. This anniversary reflects the harmony and strength of the couple, who only love each other more with each passing day.

Here is our selection for you, of pretty pearl jewelry to offer : our elegant pair of Finley or Mercury earrings.

44 years : the topaz wedding

The 44th anniversary of marriage is symbolized by this beautiful stone, topaz. We celebrate the wedding of topaz. This transparent gem is extremely strong and resistant to shocks: this is why it is a symbol of longevity within the couple. In addition, it is a stone that would symbolize love and luck, promote communication and dialogue : many key ingredients in the life of a couple.

Here is what we offer you on this occasion :

Our discreet pair of Lya earrings :

And our Lana pendant, available in two colors of your choice :

50 years : the golden wedding

Finally, the mythical 50 years of wedding anniversary are symbolized by gold ! This is how the golden wedding anniversary is celebrated. Gold, the precious metal par excellence, reflects the strength of your relationship, its solidity and its longevity. This metal has also been part of partners' alliances for a long time. It is therefore the perfect symbol for 50 years spent side by side.

Here is our selection :

Our pretty Chloé ring :

Our Elise ring in pink gold:

We wish you as many years of marriage, happiness and love as we have presented to you :).

♡ Team MYC

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