At MYC-Paris, We are first and foremost lovers of jewellery. Our line of conduct: to offer you jewellery and services that we would like to wear and receive ourselves as clients.
We think that every woman is unique, and that each woman has her own conception that you have your own conception of beauty. It is therefore important to us to offer collections of jewellery to allow you to create an assortment in perfect harmony with your style. In terms of both image and quality, we do everything to imagine and create a neat brand that accompanies you every day.


We draw inspiration from refined and minimalist designs, using quality materials and perfect fittings that make each of our jewellery unique. Each collection reflects our commitment to design a brand for today’s women: elegant, simple, and independent.
We aspire to offer elegantly crafted jewelry, at affordable prices, for all of you women, to add a touch of shine and glamour to everyday life and every occasion.
They are composed of Brass and rhodium plated, 18cts rose gold plated or 18cts gold plated.
They are intended for all those who want to change their look in an instant, those who love simplicity, those who don’t have time to replace them, those who are curious to create their own compositions and those who spontaneously want to shine brightly.
Here, in Ennery in a village in the French Vexin, we have set up our offices and warehouses. In order to offer you our jewellery with the best quality/price ratio, we have chosen to carry out the creation of the molds, the manufacture of the brass parts, the veneer and the crimping steps in China. We chose the workshop that best corresponds to our values based on its technologies and know-how. We have been working with the same team since 2013, and we regularly travel to Guangzhou.



The story start with two young graduated friends, Carole & Ignacio, entrepreneurs at heart, who decide to join forces. The adventure begins with the brand “MyCharms”, and the search for suppliers.

The idea is to offer collections of quality jewellery, to be innovative and to constantly offer you novelties. Choice, exclusive jewellery and partnerships.


The world has changed and so have customer behaviors. Buying jewellery online is democratized but requires transparency and jewellery that matches the ambitions to gain the trust of customers. Awareness on the internet is paramount and in the world of jewellery it is just as important. We decide to launch our online store. We prepare your orders in the evening and ship them the next day before going to work. An intense but so stimulating time!

MyCharms invests our small apartment: jewels in the wardrobe, under the bed, envelopes in the parents' garage... The year of success.

The holiday season intensifies, we decide to leave our jobs and dedicate ourselves fully to our project. We quickly sign with our first partners and distributors in Europe. The adventure is on!


Everything’s going very fast! We launch our second collection, and we leave for Lisbon to do our first professional shooting. We change our name, and go for the brand “MYC.” Every woman must be able to find herself in the multitude of jewelry collections that we offer. Materials, materials, gemstones, gemstones, veneers, pearls, silver, ceramics, crystals are all chosen and made with care. We establish a trustworthy partnership with our garment workshop in China and work exclusively with them. We are recruiting two interns to support us. And with the help of our loved ones, we decided to launch a new collection for Christmas. Tiredness is there, stress is there too, but you are more than ever at the rendezvous.



Summer is coming, we recruit two people to help us develop the brand. We’re moving offices to internalize logistics and have our own warehouse. We are jumping together into the adventure of logistics, IKEA and management are our allies to equip our new premises. We are now 7 people working fully for the MYC brand. And we’re recruiting interns to back us up at the end of the year. We collaborate with all the largest marketplaces and private sales sites in Europe.


We really grew up! At first there were only a few of us. Today MYC is a family that is constantly growing and expanding, working passionately, closely together to build a brand that we are proud of. From the drawing and the image to the manufacture to the realization, from the photo to the online posting on our website, from the preparation to the delivery, each member of the team is dedicated to satisfying and satisfying you with all the experience possible. We find ways to create jewellery with our values and share them with you. Our goal is to inspire women while they inspire us every day.


Above all, we know that we are all part of something bigger and more important than ourselves or a brand. Every day, we put all our heart and soul into making MYC as beautiful as possible, but we know we can do more. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to express our deepest gratitude to all those who, in one way or another, have contributed to making our dreams possible and are participating in this adventure. There are many more to come! 

Every year since 2013, we want to share our success with associations (could you mention the associations?) by donating a percentage of our annual sales. 
Whether it’s a purchase, a direct donation, or even a simple encouragement, every gesture makes a difference.


We are moving to new premises, larger, more comfortable, more pleasant, and more suited to our business. We set up our warehouse and offices, a real small home. We are more motivated than ever! We have the ambition to create a showroom to receive you, but the successive confinements and economic instability completely destabilize us... We are forced to put the team out of work for several months. This is a very difficult test for all entrepreneurs and job creators. We do our best to keep our dreams and projects alive. We take this opportunity to redesign our entire online store and offer you a brand-new site.

2021, FOLLOWING...

We decide to internalize our own photo studio, and to go on social media. We use an agency to work on our first advertising campaign, and we decide to come and meet you. We are postponing our temporary concept store project and showroom project to our new premises, waiting to get out of this economic crisis that affects us all. We want, more than ever, to offer you new collections and always surprise you. We are making our first Advent Calendar Bijoux, which is a huge success. MYC is a small family-friendly business. We wanted to show you who was behind the MYC brand, because when you order from us, you don’t just buy a piece of jewellery. You are also part of the construction of our dream: to offer you affordable, modern jewellery of impeccable quality. We owe it to ourselves to share the story of our jewels from the original idea to the production. This transparency exercise will allow you to discover all the steps that make our jewellery so original. We have more projects than time to realize them, smiling every morning and then writing it with us every day.

THANK YOU for following us, supporting us, making us known and trusting us since 2013!

Take care of yourself and see you soon,